Friday, 26 June 2015

eCommerce challenges : How to improve consumers online experience with

Despite growing number of e-commerce success stories, plenty of e-commerce Web sites do not live up to their potential. Most Web sites offer a truncated e-commerce model, meaning that they do not give Web users the capability to complete an entire sales cycle from initial inquiry to purchase. As analyzed by Forrester Research, the consumer sales cycle has four stages. First(stage 1), consumers ask questions about what they want to buy. Second(stage 2), they collect and compare answers. Third(stage 3), the user makes a decision about the purchase. If the purchase is made, the fourth phase(stage 4) is order payment and fulfillment (delivery of the goods or services). The problem is that many Web sites do not provide enough information or options for all four phases. For example, a site may provide answers about a product, but not answers to the questions that the consumer has in mind. In other cases, the consumer gets to the point where he or she wants to make a purchase, but is not given an adequate variety of payment options to place the actual order.  portal has realized the challenges and gaps mentioned above and made an attempt  to enable all  4 stages of full consumer sales cycle ,that too from single website instead of  hopping to multiple sites. They intend to provide most comprehensive experience for e-commerce consumers by visiting single website .. Specifically  this portal is trying to bridge the big gap that exists between stage 1 , stage 2 and stage 3 mentioned above.
Based on consumer's search criteria ,  provides recommended list of products using its recommendation engine(algorithm) which is based on complex analysis of multidimensional aggregated data for each product being searched. Along with aggregated data of price comparison, they also provide aggregated data of expert review ratings & consumer review ratings most popular eCommerce portal(,, etc) and expert review sites (,,, etc).

Aggregated expert review ratings & consumer review ratings info helps consumer to decide what to buy. Besides they also provide price comparison along with product expert review and consumer review so that in single view one has multiple dimensions(expert review rating ,consumer rating and price) available. For enabling stage 3 above(decision making), buywithexpert uses their custom recommendation engine(algorithm) which uses the analytic on the existing data to pick the best choice of products based on best expert review ratings from most well known expert review websites and consumer reviews & best price offered by best e-commerce portals. Consumer has the option to consider their suggestion based on expert & consumer review ratings and price and then take self decision by using the filters available on left side of the page.
Once decision of what and where to buy is made ,one can click on buy button to checkout which redirects request automatically to corresponding e-commerce portal where one can finish the process of order and payment. These are most well known e-commerce portals with whom they have partnership to fulfill the orders directed by buywithexpert.
This overall experience is a win-win case for both consumer and eCommerce shops. Consumer gets the comprehensive experience of doing all stages of online buying from single  site without need to go and search or  compare anywhere else. Consumer is given best option of products and prices offered online by anyone. They help consumer to have affinity to his/her own interest than affinity to any particular online shop. Consumer gets the best possible product at best possible price offered at that time from anyone in just few clicks. It saves hours of time spent in trying it find what product to buy to get features desired and where to buy to get the cheapest price.  facilitates all this at single website in just few clicks. It makes every person virtual expert for getting best product at best price.
There are multiple price comparison online portals which compare prices offered by different online e-retailers for any consumer product. But other than price ,they don't include any other parameter to compare product expert reviews. They only suggest where to buy based on price difference, they don't suggest what to buy. Using price comparison portals works okay for those who know what they have to buy and only need to find the best deal before they order. However it doesn't work for those who don't have enough knowledge to understand and decide which product suits their personal need. To get help on this they need to go to separate websites like which provides product review. These websites help to know and understand what to buy based on personal need of a consumer , by comparing actual performance, by comparing features etc  of the products.
Also price comparison portals have a gap that they don't share their own recommendation as well, they just show price comparison of listed products from multiple online stores. This is the gap they want to fill in for consumers in the e-retail space. They want to enable customers more by providing decision making tool and not just price comparison tool. They plan to share their own recommendation based on expert review rating of products, comparison of price and consumer review of product(wherever possible from credible sources). This way not only they plan to add multiple parameters to compare like review ratings besides online price but also use their analysis to suggest smart decision on what to buy and where to buy

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